[VIDEO]Chuck Todd Holds Back Tears During Bizarre Vaccine Meltdown

He is disturbed by the current situation in the country

Chuck Todd seems to be losing the last marble over the “deadly” virus with a 99.8 survival rate. The man had a public nervous breakdown over COVID-19 vaccines on live. As if this wasn’t enough, he was shaking his finder at the US. Did you see the tears in his eyes?

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What a clown…

Well, we have to say this one more time. Let’s all make a difference between people who died with coronavirus and those who died from it. This is really important. However, “experts” don’t like to talk about this. Many cancer patients who have died from the disease had the “cold virus” in their system. We can’t really say that the virus killed them.

Does this make any sense to you? We should definitely talk about this more often. COVID-19 is still here and millions of people don’t know the truth. We really need to discuss this.

Is COVID fake? It exists and affects the elderly, obese, and those dealing with a preexisting condition. But, this applies to pretty much every virus. Some people are at a higher risk.

We do believe these numbers were manipulated for a different purpose. The mainstream media added fuel to the fire.

Todd and people like him used the “deadly” virus to spread fear and boost their ratings. Some did this for political purposes. The list of reasons to spread the virus is endless.

Some things just don’t “add up” when it comes to this virus. We don’t think this is a “minority opinion.” If this was the case, people like Chuck would have a meltdown on TV.

When it comes to the vaccine, we’d say the same. There’s a really big reason why REAL experts conduct many trials before getting the stamp of approval from the FDA.

Americans are pretty scared by unapproved vaccines… For a reason!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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