[VIDEO]Americans Outraged After Biden Hints At A “Federal Mandated” Vaccines For Everyone

Biden crossed the line!

Biden administration made people crazy with their pressure over the vaccines and massive vaccination. However, Biden states something alarming about the future that annoyed the Americans.

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The President shared the plan about the future and shared that they want to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.

Red State shared that Biden’s handlers should reign him in. He shared his remarks he ranged from head-scratching to anger-inducing.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy commented on Biden’s previous statements about the vaccination and masks, and now, the president said the same things.

However, there was one comment about the vaccines where Biden messed it up. After the question about business and local communities mandating vaccines, the president suggested mandatory vaccines, not only for the government but for every single American. But he isn’t sure if he can do it.

It seems like a bad joke, but he claimed that the DOJ permitted local communities to mandate vaccines, and this decision is very suspect.

I guess that it isn’t legal. These vaccines cannot become mandatory.

Take a look at the video below:

Now, you can read the online comments.

“If he wants to push people into another civil war…he’s certainly trying”

“I’ll take mean tweets over forced vaccinations. This is some scary stuff”

“Uhm you want a civil war?”

“They’ll have to search for me, hunkered down somewhere in the forest, living amongst the animals. I’ll starve first, before I get that damn shot. That’s my line in the sand. I’m an old lady now but, the warrior spirit in me lives on. I do not consent.”

“What do you mean “mandate”?!?!?! Each one of us is sovereign over his own body. I’m perplexed as to how can People accept this kind of speech. Risa People, Rise!”

“How you going to force people to take something that isn’t even FDA approved? No long term studies done. Plus Issues with effectiveness. Add to it the Already significant evidence and #’s of adverse and lethal side effects.”

“The answer is, no you cannot. But keep trying to find loopholes and racism to rule up the public enough to fight about it. No thanks, Chief.”

“This guy needs to be thrown out of office.” 

“I didn’t think he had dementia before, but I do now” 

“hey idiot, I voted for you and this pisses me off” 

“My goodness this man has been a Senator for half a century and he says this. The system that created and nurtured this man is so broken”

This is very disturbing, and Biden wants to make Americans go crazy or to start a war!

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