[VIDEO] Young Reporter Records Clip From Hospital Bed, Says Heart Is Now Enlarged But Would Still Get Vax Again

The reporter ended in hospital for heart issues.

Telegraph reporter, Georgia Clark, filmed a weird message from the hospital. She shared that after the Pfizer vaccine, she has enlarged heart issues.

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Besides it, she still motivates and encourages the Americans to get the vaccine, sharing that the side effect can be treated, but the death cannot!

Really strange message. We don’t know the medical history of this young reporter, but what we can see here doesn’t look very good.

Young and healthy people who are coronavirus infected could barely feel it. The symptoms are mild and limited.
Unless there is some health problem, Ms. Clark shouldn’t be scared of the virus and not even think of dying from it.

She said: “So I’m in hospital after developing rare heart inflammation linked to Pfizer. And even with these side effect, I would get the job again. Side effects can be treated, dying from Covid-19 can’t. The benefits far outweigh the risks.”

Watch the video below:

And now you can read the online comments.

“I guess you can’t treat stupid though!”

“Wow. This is some heavy-duty brainwashing” 

“Why she thinks she’ll die from COVID is the biggest headscratcher here” 

“No amount of boosters can fix stupidity but I think if you told them they would most likely go along lol”

“Looks like the brainwashing is complete.”

“Pfizer smashed me about the head, with an axe, but I am so glad they did because they stopped me from thinking for myself AND if I had, I might have been foolish enough to think I could survive coughing and sneezing for a few days, WITHOUT having my head bashed in, with an axe.”

“‘Rare heart inflammation’ is not curable. Damage is permanent sadly. Heart muscle does not regenerate. Scarring ensues.”

“There are actually no words for this. You’re basically saying even though the vaccine nearly killed you, you would take it again. Good grief.”

“After reading your bio I understand a little better. Please seek counseling a good therapist , I don’t think you are seeing clearly now, and I saying this from a good place “

“You are a reporter? I remember when reporters would be investigating stories like yours to see why you developed harmful side effects from a safe vaccine. And yet you just glibly accept your diagnosis as ‘ one of those things’ and encourage others to put themselves at risk. Wow”

It’s scary that she struggles with heart issues, but we don’t know how the vaccine will affect her long-term.

However, people have to know that this virus and the vaccine are destroying their health. But, healthy people don’t have to be scared of it. They will pass it as the regular flu.

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