[VIDEO] You’ll Never Guess What’s Happening Just Half a Block From Our “Sacred Capitol”

Literally, just half a block away from the “sacred” US Capitol, is something that will shock you all!


Don’t let the left manipulate you- even though they love to act as if the US Capitol is the most hallowed land on the planet, and it DOES symbolize something great and sacred, it is actually not!

It’s too far from it- it is filled with perverts and liars, and it has become a disgusting place!

The real reason why the Dems are pushing this notion about the “sacredness” of the Capitol is to really make their case that the January 6th melee was worse than 9/11.

And they push it all the time!

However, the video below shows the ugly truth- just half a block away from the sacred Capitol building, is the hallowed ground of our amazing political leaders…

Watch below:

Unfortunately, probably most of our incredible political leaders are driving by this scene daily on their way to work, and they ignore it!

They don’t care!

These vultures don’t care because their political careers can gain nothing from the peasant Americans working right next to them, who are barely scrimping to stay alive!

No, their main goal is to present Trump supporters are the enemies of this country to the public, and won’t mind if everything around them falls apart meanwhile.



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