[VIDEO] Woman Drags Car Thief Out Of Barber Shop By His Dreadlocks After She Locates Her Stolen Car

Joe Biden ignores the crime

The same applies to Nancy Pelosi and other members of the Democrat Party.

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Crime rates have gone through the roof and Biden is turning his blind eye.

Liberal-run cities are the worst!

The following incident took place in Detroit. It’s worse than you can ever imagine!

Someone stole this lady’s Mercedes… Well, she tracked the car and found the man who stole it. He was in a barbershop getting his hair all done and did.

So, this lady arrived at the spot and dragged the thirf out of the barber chair. Yes, she pulled his dreadlocks.

Bizpackreview wrote that business owner Bianca Chambers was tracking her 2016 White Mercedes-Benz 300C online for two days. The man who stole it was driving it around town. On Wednesday, Chambers was ready to make a move. She found the man and the vehicle and did the unexpected. Well, this was sort of expected. Chambers went to get her belongings.

Fox 2 Detroit confirmed the story.

Chambers went to 7 Days West and made a Facebook Live Video. She asked him about the car outside.

“I slashed all the tires and I thought that he was gonna take off and I didn’t know how long it was going to take for the police to pull up. And I refused to let him pull off again,” Chambers said to Fox 2 News.

She dragged the man outside and shared another video announcing that she and other customers at the salon had made a citizen’s arrest.

Biden’s police almost arrested this woman for a felony assault. Well, she taught the thief a lesson, and he won’t do the same again.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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