[VIDEO] Will Ashton Kutcher’s New Powerful “Red-Pill Rant” Be The End Of His Hollywood Career?

Kutcher’s career on edge….

Numerous A-list Hollywood actors are waking up and are getting red-pilled! We aren’t claiming they are Republicans now, but they don’t support the Dems idea anymore. Also, they reject the radical agenda very obviously, and that’s progress!

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Maybe we don’t like the Hollywood stars, but as we see how they are awaking, we have to continue with the good work!

The last awakened star is Ashton Kutcher, and he’s doing something big!

He linked the dots regarding the evil big tech, and he sees that it has been used as a powerful tool to push anti-American propaganda. He’s even calling out China!

Take a look at the video below:

Those celebrities that are sharing this kind of speech are risking a lot! Maybe Ashton’s new realization would ruin his career in Tinsel Town?

Well, we will see that!

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