[VIDEO] Whoops! The Mask-Obsessed Liberals Inside “Whole Foods” Never Saw This Coming…

COVID worshiping liberals don’t know what it is like to be a human being.

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Is someplace on earth as unbearable as Whole Food? Right now, I cannot think of any other place which is full of woksters.

At this point, the liberals have lost their minds over Trump, and we have clear battle lines.

Everything is politicized!

Especially the coronavirus pandemic.

For four long years, the Liberals did their best and looked for a minor thing to bring Trump down. They thought that the COVID bullet was their salvation. Precisely because of that, Liberals worship the pandemic.

There are numerous liberals that, besides the fact that they are vaccinated, they don’t take off their mask. The CDC also said that it’s okay to take off your mask, but still, they don’t do that.

You can see the depression in Whole Food shoppers when the mask-free conservatives confront them.

Have they forgotten how to be human beings?

Take a look at the video below.

Are the masks security blankets for the Liberals to keep their health okay and take down Trump forever?
It’s sad but true!

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