[VIDEO] Who Is This Man Passing Out Baseball Bats At The Capitol On January 6th?

It wasn’t an insurrection!

Something horrible happened at the Capitol on January 6, and Donald Trump has nothing to do with this. Several groups led the whole thing and we know who started the whole thing. The Capitol police invited people inside the building to make things look bad, and then they complained about the riots. Well, that’s not all. The riot was organized by someone who wanted to blame Trump. These people were violent. They were determined to shut down Trump and put the blame on him.

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It didn’t work. Americans didn’t bite into this one. We know our great President didn’t do this. Thousands of videos confirm that Antifa was there. BLM warriors did their thing. Liberals played their game. Trump supporters weren’t armed. One of them died.

A video from Noor Bin Ladin’s Twitter account will blow your mind.

“Who are these men inside the Capitol, handing these other men baseball bats through the window? Answer: NOT Trump supporters,” she wrote. Well, we are all asking the same question.

It’s a 28-second video and adds a perfect layer of mystery surrounding the events on January 6. The insurrection was a result of something bigger than Antifa.

According to and Tucker Carlson, the FBI had something to do with the riots. They believe agents were heavily involved in the mess. Wonder why? A lot of co-conspirators didn’t face any charges in the process. Are these people agents? Informants maybe? Well, there are so many scenarios at this point and each of them makes perfect sense. The Bureau is in a terrible condition and we have so many questions to ask.

A simple question pushed liberals into panic mode. We have noticed their meltdowns. Revolver and Tucker are definitely onto something and we can’t wait to see the final result.

The “FBI” story has been around for a while. A lot of videos came to the surface to support the theories about the Capitol. This brings us all the way to Noor’s video.

Her video features a man inside the Capitol, giving out baseball bats to the man who are already inside the building.

Why did the police let this man in? How did he get all those baseball bats inside the Capitol?

We didn’t see any MAGA supporters in this one. Trump supporters don’t act like this. Our guess is Antifa or other similar groups. They are all-in when it comes to riots and killing.

We already have the face of the man so it’s up to the FBI to tell us his name and more info on his background. Maybe this information will be swept under the rug again. We’ve seen that before.

Decent Americans keep asking questions, and it’s up to the Bureau to provide the right answers.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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