[VIDEO] What Vernon Jones Just Did To This CNN Reporter Will Go Down In History As The Most Brutal Takedown Ever

He learned the lesson

We have seen reporters being slammed on a daily basis, but this one is out of this world. Donald Trump put them right where they belong and Ted Cruz slammed their fake stories. DeSantis did the same. Lindsey Graham made reporters run for their money.

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Enter Vernon Jones.

Jones did the unthinkable and this CNN reporter was asking for it. They always do, and sadly, they never learn the lesson.

Vernon runs for governor of Georgia. He talked to the press with Rudy right by his side. Someone brought the topic of “election integrity” and Vernon couldn’t control himself.

The CNN reporter probably thought his “biased” question about election laws would give him a predictable snarky response from Vernon. Well, the Republican candidate had something else to say. The CNN reporter didn’t see this coming. Things went a lot worse than expected.

The Republican commandeered the camera crew and even interviewed the reporter on his own network. LIVE.

Vernon made fun of him and took the whole thing 1000 steps further. He said that CNN stands for “Controlling Negro Network,” explaining that the network wants to control how African-Americans think.

Take a look at the reporter. Look at his face! Priceless. He couldn’t even say a word. Well, he looks like a toddler who has just pooped their pants.

CNN is so finished. Vernon is fed up with their fake news.

He is teaching them a lesson, right? We have never seen anyone do this to the fake media. CNN got what they deserve.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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