[VIDEO] Watch What Happens When A Group Of Mask-Free Politicians Realize Cameras Are Rolling

A manufactured pandemic

A group of people came up with a really bold plan. They frighten people around the globe, saying the “Deadly” virus will kill them. They use mask mandates, quarantine, and deadly jabs to proceed with their plans.

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These people don’t even think of following their own rules. Double standards, right? Yes, COVID-19 is real and a lot of people I know have it. Some of them had it twice.

Of course, some would say this virus is a biological weapon. We heard so many stories about this one. So many theories, so many possibilities. We do know that elitists use this virus to push their narrative. This is their plan to grab power and profits.

“Fact-checkers” won’t really say this is a “conspiracy theory.” There’s evidence everywhere around us. This country turned into open-air prison.

We all noticed a big difference between “died FROM” and “died WITH” deaths. Natural immunity is stronger than the immunity you get from deadly jabs.

Deadly jabs are the worst aspect of this pandemic. This was the final goal. Use a “regular” virus to frighten people and sell jabs.

Politicians and their people tell you to wear TWO masks and stay away from people. They treat unvaccinated people like trash.

The whole vaccine thing is pretty weird. Vaccines work but can give you terrible side effects.

Why are elitists walking around without their face masks? Barack Obama threw a big party. No one was wearing a mask. These people force your kids to wear masks at school. They even take kids away from unvaccinated parents.

Let’s go all the way to France. These guys put their masks at the very same moment they realized the camera was rolling.

Here’s what people said online:

“How many videos like this do people need to see before they understand that this was never about anything but controlling you?”

“This is literally like The Truman Show lol”

“I said this a long time ago. Unreal that people still don’t believe we are being played”

“How do people not see this? Do people see a video like this and truly not see the theater going on? Its not a small deal. Its total bs and a massive, dividing issue in our country”

“It’s all theatre and people still believe this crap”

“…then the same politicians send the cops to beat and arrest people who don’t wear masks in the stores and on the streets.”

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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