[VIDEO] Watch Biden’s Fall On Stairs While Boarding!

In this video, you can clearly see how our President Joe Biden stumbled two times, then follows his fall on the stairs while boarding.

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Biden created his way quickly from Marine One through the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews.

The fall was announced with stumbling, twice in a row.

He fell on his left knee, and I hope he isn’t hurt.

Then the President pulled himself up and entered the plane, heading to Atlanta, Georgia.

As we can see from the video, he disappeared from the angle when he fell.

But, we don’t have only one angle. It must be recorded from several angles. You can see a different angle from the video below, where the fall is more evident.


From here, we can see that he falls on his left knee.

New York Times captured the right moment.

On his latest public appearance, Biden referred to Kamala Harris as ‘’President Harris’’, and the weirdest thing here is that he didn’t correct himself.

Is there something that we should know, Mr. Biden?

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