[VIDEO] Washington Wizards Star Bradley Beal And Orlando’s Jonathan Issac Drop Massive Red Pills On NBA

Liberals hate unvaccinated people

Joe Biden was the first to demonize those who don’t want to get the unapproved vaccine. His Democrat friends trash unvaccinated Americans, calling them “toothless Trump-supporting hillbillies.”

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I guess Dems are the only sophisticated people living in this country!

It’s interesting to note that Democrats refused the jab under Trump. They seem to be fine with it now that Biden supports it!

The whole pandemic is wrapped in mystery and we are disgusted.

Governments handled the whole situation in the worst way ever and they are actually trying to make fun of us all. That’s not all. We’ve received too much fake information. They did their best to confuse us!

It’s interesting to note that Democrats don’t follow their own rules. That’s what makes people even more irritated.

Those who refuse to take the jab are considered “Crazy.”

These vaccines aren’t healthy. They can’t protect us from the virus. Moreover, they make us sick. Really sick. Dr. Fraudci and his friends used the whole situation to make fun of us.

At least two NBA players are now dropping red-pill bombs over the NBA and our so-called president.

Isaac made a good point and a lot of people would agree with him. Go through all those numbers and you will get the point. Some people died from COVID. Others died with it. There’s a difference.

We deserve to know the truth, right?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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