[VIDEO] US Women’s Softball Team Just Showed Megan Rapinoe How It’s Done

Rapinoe learned the lesson

Instead of representing our country, Rapinoe and her buddies decided to trash the United States.

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Instead of coming together and teaching the world a lesson of togetherness, “activist athletes” try to divide people and trash real Patriots.

Things got really bad and people will never root for someone like this so-called activist. The US women’s soccer team lost the game to Sweden. Did they learn their lesson? These people hate this country. We should not even care about them.

This poll is the best response to Rapinoe and her friends. They took a knee during the national anthem and this is the final result

Activist athletes will never make the world a better place. It’s all about their popularity.

Women’s softball team stood up and taught Rapinoe a lesson. That’s how you do things!

They stood up and didn’t take a knee. They didn’t disrespect their country. What happened next? They won the game.

We are ashamed of people like Rapinoe. Hopefully, she won’t make the Olympics again.

It’s time to set aside personal feelings and do the right thing for the country.

Do the things you love and respect your country!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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