[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals New Very Concerning Info About Joe’s Mental Health

There are many things that the fake media does to be classified as propaganda, and one of them is ignoring Biden’s mental health and cognitive problems.

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We are wise enough to see what is happening! The world is watching everything, and we know that he is struggling with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. But, the media still tries to cover that.

The media was too focused on Trump and trying to find his mistakes, leaving Biden behind the curtains to do whatever he wanted.

Our media don’t want to look at sick Biden, and feel horrified at his behavior, and want to understand why Biden thinks his sister is his wife and can’t make two sentences together.

Why? – Simply because they don’t care! The MSM doesn’t have anything to say about it!

The media wants to tell you that the Dementia or Alzheimer’s patient that’s taken over Joe’s brain is a figment of your imagination.

Tucker Carlson emphasized that he heard from Biden’s family members that he is sick and his mental health wasn’t good.

Watch the video below:

America has to find a new president because the man leading it has brain damage!

Tucker Carlson emphasized that beyond the professional aspect, what Biden is dealing with is a hard thing to watch unfold.

It is sad to watch this person struggling and constantly making a fool of himself.

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