[VIDEO] ‘’Tucker Carlson Must Be Tied Up And Put In A Corner’’ Declares Joy Behar!

The crazy, furious, leftist women on ‘’The View’’ carry on with surpassing themselves in being unhinged, mad, leftist women.

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On Tuesday, in their program, the girls attacked the ‘’Hate Fox News’’ bandwagon pulled around by Brian Stelter. He is the chief media correspondent for CNN. The girls used him to attack the network’s top pundit called Tucker Carlson!

Sunny Hostin, the co-host, said that Tucker Carlson is on television saying that he didn’t notice white supremacists at the violent protests.

This person sees the while racism everywhere. She stated that she was disgusted by Tucker Carlson’s words. Shreds of evidence of white supremacy were present everywhere during the riot!

Following these words, Joy Behar publicly suggested something very evil to Tucker Carlson.
“Tucker Carlson needs to be, you know, tied up and put in the corner somewhere, so we never hear from him again.

Take a look at the video below:

Carlson’s nonsenses

There were many illogical things that Carlson said. One of those things is that the liberals disguised themselves as Trump sympathizers and protested.

And the second thing is that Nancy Pelosi planned and invented her life threats and broke into her workplace to take selfies. According to Behar, not even one of these suggestions makes sense.

Behar realized what she said and tried to justify herself.

“I do not mean to imply that anything harmful should happen to Tucker Carlson,”
“I just want him to stop saying stupid things. That’s all. So let me just get that straight.”

Even though Hostin didn’t see the riot, but she said that white supremacy was everywhere.
Moreover, a person who was at the riot couldn’t notice a single piece of white supremacy evidence.

J. Michael Waller is the senior analyst for strategy at the Center for Security Policy. He was at the riot and noticed four different types of personas in Washington at the Capitol and near it on January 6.

The four types of people that J. Michael Waller noticed:

  • Plainclothes militants
  • Agents-provocateurs
  • Fake Trump protesters
  • The disciplined, uniformed column of attackers

Also, the person trained to spot these things saw two confederate flags and one white supremacist sign.

Besides, some people take the furious, left-wing women seriously. And it’s disturbing when they say some people should be tied up and ‘’never heard from again’’.

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