[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Just Told All Of Our Useless GOP Bums To Quit, And Go Work At Quiznos

Tucker is right, and the GOP is best at making sandwiches.

The GOP is useless, and their goal is a mystery. I guess we have political prisoners held by Biden’s DOJ, and the GOP supports Cuba.

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We all love Cuba and the Cubans, but we have our worries, and we have to solve our problems first!

I want to know what happened with the election fraud. Did they solve that problem? It seems that most of the GOP members barely uttered a word about it.

What support!

Also, Biden continues with his attacks over the unvaccinated people and criticizes Trump supporters, but the GOP is quiet. Are they going to support us or something, or will they bury us to the ground?

The crucial reason why the GOP won’t move their finger is that they are corrupted by the Big tech, especially Jim Jordan.

See below:

The GOP doesn’t serve for anything with their votes, and they are useless for this country’s future. Tucker Carlson called them on to back down. It seems that the bums can’t do their job right, especially to dig and fight.

Take a look at the video below:

It seems that it was a joke, and we need to make this season a political bloodbath and eliminate the dead weight!

I think that we have to make a squad consisting of fighters.

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