[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Declares A “Pedo Outbreak” Over At CNN

CNN doesn’t want to talk about Pedo Variant; we have Tucker Carlson to do that instead of them!

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Carlson announced that the pedo outbreak was present among CNN once Chris Cuomo’s producer ended up behind bars for a slew of sex charges that involved minors. Also, Jake Tapper’s producer, identified in a PV sting, shared his fantasies about minor kids.

They shared that the CNN producer was Rick Saleeby, and Twitter immediately deleted the PV account.

Tucker Carlson is sharing bombs, stating that CNN has to shut down their operations due to the ‘’C-19 outbreak.”

Carlson clarified that the variant in the CNN was called pedos.

“As of today, there are more accused pedophiles at CNN than Americans who have died of the so-called Omicron variant.” – Tucker.

Take a look at the video below.

We weren’t shocked that no one addressed the event from CNN. They don’t confess their mistakes, and this isn’t an exclusion.

The new Discovery owners will have their work cut out of them. This pedophile news will be classified as fake news, as CNN usually does.

However, there are credible proves against Don Lemon that will end up in court very soon.

CNN is rotten to the core!

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