[VIDEO] Trump’s Got Meghan Markel’s ‘’Number’’

It turns out, Trump is always right!

The public is well aware of the fact that Meghan Markel is just a toxic opportunist, but she showed her real face during her last interview with Oprah!

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During her time with the popular host, Markel decided to launch a war against the Royal Family, but based it on the accusations that they are ‘’white supremacists’’!

Namely, the couple accused a specific person from the Royal family, explaining that s/he was worried how ‘’dark’’ their son Archie’s skin would be.

Yet, they didn’t want to name this person!


Meghan’s mother is black, so there must be a race mix, and Candace Owens commented on this issue:

Megan is evil and prone to creating chaos. She has never led a peaceful life and was never close to anyone from her family. Therefore, being estranged from her relatives, she wanted the same from Prince Harry!

She is just a drama queen!

She is never consistent, there are always some ups and downs, but she always pretends to be the victim!

She is never satisfied! Oh, come on!

Guess what? Trump knew her true, wicked nature!

On the internet, there is one video where Trump wished luck to Harry with his wife, commenting:

‘’He’s gonna need it.’’

Watch below:



Unfortunately, Harry threw away his Royal family for one D-list actress. And she did the same thing as always- she blew it up!

It is sad, but Meghan is far from being a good and honorable woman.

If she was one, she would have tried to save Harry’s relationship with his family and do the best for the family and children.

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Source: thetruedefender.com

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