[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Gave Joe Biden’s “We Got It” Clip A Brilliant “Reality” Makeover

Joe Biden’s ratings will go even lower than this

Remember when the White House used “Benny Drama” to promote jabs?

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Biden holds onto the same narrative. Now he is bringing the “Jonas Brothers” to fuel the vaccination agenda. This is ridiculous. Even liberal reporters say this is the “worst thing ever.”

The Blaze reported this:

Liberal gun activist David Hogg slammed Biden, “You can have all the celebs you want at the White House- it’s not going to change the fact almost all of my friends just got emails about needing to restart their federal student loan payments and kids are dying everyday from gun violence. Want our vote? Earn it @POTUS.”

Luke Savage, staff writer at socialist magazine Jacobin, declared, “We live in hell.”

Amelia Montooth, from left-wing political media company Crooked Media, stated, “Why make life saving policy when you can make content, that’s what I always say.”

Former BuzzFeed writer Ryan Broderick lashed out, “This sucks so bad holy sh– we are a month away from the anniversary of a literal coup attempt and entering the second year of a still raging pandemic what is wrong with all of you people???? are you all insane?? cancel our student loans!!!! give us free tests!!!”

Far-left Twitch commentator Hasan Piker proclaimed, “This is absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

A Trump supporter named “John” has a better “We Got It” video for our so-called President.

You will love this!

Biden may not be that excited about it!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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