[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Imagines What It’d Look Like If Media And Fauci Actually Did Their Job

They should really do their job

Politicians get a big chunk of taxpayers’ money to do their job. Well, most of the money ends up we-know-where and the situation in the US is worse than ever. The mainstream media adds fuel to the fire. Liberal reporters support elitists who only want to grab money and power.

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The plannedemic is the best proof of it. The mainstream media says we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. They say millions of people will die of the “deadly” virus. Dr. Fraudci was the first to warn us all about the deadly virus. Well, we would really love to see him pick one side and stick to it.

We don’t need the fake expert and the fake media telling us what’s right and wrong. We need real experts to lead the way. Americans need real experts to help them handle the current situation. They don’t need open-air prisons. They don’t need lockdowns. Facemasks?

One Trump supporter made a nice video for you. What it’s be like if the mainstream media and Fauci weren’t friends with the left.

Instead of reporting on Barack Obama’s birthday party, Fauci works on Sturgis. He didn’t mention Lalapalooza and the border situation. Thousands of unvaccinated migrants enter this country through the southern border. Most of them aren’t tested for COVID-19.

Fauci is only concerned about the right. He ignores the mistakes made by the left.

What would happen if Chuck Todd and Fauci did the job they are paid for?

Watch tis 42-second video and tell us what you think.

Fauci needs to leave his position and let real experts do the job. Americans will never trust him. He is a lying rat who plants fear among innocent people. This is their way of controlling masses. We know that.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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