[VIDEO] Trump Supporter “Fixed” Fauci’s Latest CNN Interview To Look And Feel More “Accurate”

He really is a clown…

We can all agree on this one.

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Anthony Fauci was presented to us as the only person who can find a solution for the pandemic.

Fauci would never admit that he is a liar. He keeps saying that “science is ever-changing.” Lousy excuse.

First, he said masks can’t stop the virus and now he says we should wear them everywhere.

Where’s the science behind all this?

This so-called expert is enjoying his 5 minutes of fame… He is just a salesman trying to earn some money.

COVID is a great business, right?

Well, one Trump supporter decided to show the true colors of this clown.

Check this out:

This reminds us of all the clowns working at CNN.

We can’t stop laughing!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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