[VIDEO] Trump Ridicules Biden’s Fall While Boarding Air Force One

Trump on Friday afternoon ridiculed Joe Biden and his fall while boarding Air Force One.

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He tried to run on the stairs as if he was a young boy of 20 years, but the reality hit his face. Biden fell on his knee.
Everything was recorded from numerous angles, and the video went viral.

And guess who watched the video??

Of course, former President Donald Trump! Can you guess his first comment?

“Who watched as Joe Biden went up the stairs today?” –Trump said, laughing.

Take a look at the video below.

Biden mocked Trump for his cautiously walking down a slippery ramp on the previous year’s campaign trail.

His comment was:
“Look at how [Trump] steps and look at how I step. Watch how I run up ramps and how he stumbles down ramps,”

There is one proverb: who laughs last, laughs the best.

Now, Trump has the last laugh.

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