[VIDEO] This Gymnast Just Proved Those “Anti-Sex” Olympic Beds Are “Fake News”

They failed miserably

The Olympic Committee (IOC) had the perfect solution to a common problem. They came up with the perfect plan to stop athletes from getting in the sheets. Well, this plan was far from “perfect.”

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In an effort to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the IOC made “anti-sex” beds to prevent athletes from getting intimate.

Do these even exist? “Anti-sex” beds?

In these beds, the mattress sits on flimsy cardboard that is built to support the weight of one person.

It was a failure!

An Irish gymnast tested the strength of these beds. According to him, the beds are nothing but “fake news.”

Of course, the young man didn’t get intimate with another athlete. He just jumped on his bed. It didn’t break.

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Irish gymnast jumps on cardboard beds at Tokyo Olympics to debunk ‘anti-sex’ claim, IOC reacts #viralvideo The International Olympic Committee said the beds at the Games are ‘sturdy’ after Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan shared a video of himself jumping on them. Key HighlightsRecently pictures of beds made of cardboard at the Tokyo Olympics had gone viral on social mediaA report claimed that the beds are ‘anti-sex’ to avoid intimacy between the athletes at the Games villageThe International Olympic Committee has now debunked the ‘anti-sex’ myth surrounding the beds The report of cardboard beds at the Tokyo Olympics being ‘anti-sex’ to avoid intimacy between the athletes had gone viral recently. The beds at the Olympics village in Tokyo have been made of cardboard but are sturdy enough to handle the weight of two individuals, the organisers clarified on Monday (July 19). Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan decided to debunk the myth of the beds being ‘anti-sex’ by jumping on them. In a video shared by him on Twitter, McClenaghan can be seen continuously jumping on a bed to prove his point. A report in the New York Post had claimed that the beds have been designed to ensure athletes don’t get intimate and practice social distancing. In a video shared on Twitter, McClenaghan called it fake news. “The beds are meant to be anti-sex. They’re made out of cardboard, yes, but apparently, they’re meant to break with sudden movements. It’s fake — fake news,” the gymnast said in the video.

Here’s the video proof:

They played the wrong game. Adults can always find a way to get intimate. These “anti-sex” beds won’t stop them. Global elitists made fun of themselves.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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