[VIDEO] This Fox News Reporter Is Giving Peter Doocy A Run For His Money

Tomlinson wants the commies like Thanksgiving Turkeys.

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Something’s happening with the Fox News reports nowadays! I enjoyed seeing Peter Doocy asking Psaki questions that will make her squirm, and she is AWOL during the debacle about Afghanistan.

When she is not here, we have another reporter giving Doocy a run for his money.

Lucas Tomlinson mocked Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby and called him the Minister of Truth from the Iraq war days.

He carved up Kirby like a Thanksgiving turkey over the wrong statements about the Taliban, Afghanistan.

Fox News shared that Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that Kabul wasn’t in imminent danger even though two days later it collapsed and fell under Taliban control.

During a Pentagon news conference, Lucas Tomlinson put pressure on Kirby about his statement on August 13 that “Kabul is not right now in an imminent-threat environment.”

“How could you get that so wrong?” he asked.

As an explanation, Kirby said that he was sharing as much information as he had at that time. He shared that Afghanistan’s situation dramatically changed.

“At the moment that I said it, based on what we knew at the time, it was a true statement,” Kirby said Saturday. “And yes, two days later, things dramatically changed. I readily admit that things moved very, very quickly.”

See below:

We love to see when the journalists are doing their job right, so the pencil-neck geeks will end up in the corner and must share the accurate information. It is bizarre because, in the past, the journalists were only reporting and asking dumb questions that the politicians could quickly answer.

But, now, we will open our eyes!

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