[VIDEO] This Biden Impersonator Sparks More Interest Than The Real Joe Biden

One video circles online, and we were impressed by the Biden impersonator.

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We saw many Trump impersonators when Trump was in office…

Biden’s nowhere near as popular as Trump, so his impersonators are slim pickings.

But there is one, who is more agile and looks like he is more fun than Joe, but he has Biden look/feel down.

We did our best to see where this happened and why this impersonator had a police escort, but we couldn’t find that info.

That would be on point.

The video showed that Biden impersonator walking in what seemed to be a parking lot at night. The crowd and someone with what sounds like a bullhorn is shouting at the impersonator, calling him a body double, and asking if he’s the Joe who appears on CNN.

The impersonator sparked a lot more interest than real Biden.

”Considering the speculation that Biden may have received facial surgery and that those procedures were the most likely and plausible reasons for any changes in his appearances — as well as the facts that there has been no human reproductive cloning as of this writing and that differences in physical characteristics beyond earlobes would emerge as evidence of the alleged body-double conspiracy — we rate this claim “False.”


Biden could take some lessons from the impersonator.

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