[VIDEO] There’s A “Revolution” Happening In France, London, And Sydney Against “Vaccine Passports”


Vaccines may be handy for some people, including the elderly and those who can’t fight COVID-19 without the help of medication.

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Receiving the vaccine should be a matter of personal choice. We get to decide what happens to us all. There have been so much rumors lately. Experts have conducted enough research to warn people. Consult your doctors and experts before you let them inject the jab in your body.

One thing stands for sure. They can’t force you to get the jab. Yes, authorities threaten people. The government bullies them…

They forced us to stay home. We spent an entire year separated from our loved ones. Now they are going after our mental health and our bodies.

They can’t say this is a “mandatory vaccine.”

Vaccine passports?

People Europe and Australia don’t like any of this.

Citizens are rising up. They said this is a “revolution” against vaccine passports.

Watch this video:

London, too:

Sydney is on fire:

It’s time to stay together for a greater cause!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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