[VIDEO] The War Room Went to AZ and Look What Happened…

The cohost Raheem Kassam went to Arizona, and something extraordinary happened.

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Unique grassroots phenomenon unfolding in the state, he reported. He explained that what is happening was very big, and unbelievably the conservative media aren’t covering it.

Well, we have already reported on the events in Arizona. We reported on the enormous swaths of locals gathering to see how to take back their state and reveal the truth about the election laws.

What Raheem witnessed is a spin-off from the energy.

You can only hear his observations, and if you feel hopeless, you have to watch this clip.

We have two options, the first one is to accept the 2020 fraud and let it destroy us, or we can use the blow as fuel to fight harder.

The anger and energy will help us to uncover the fraud and our effort to surface.

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