[VIDEO] The Streets Of NYC Look Like “Gaza” Complete With Explosions And Palestinian Flags

Manhattan became Gaza

New York City is the worst. They keep showing us that dignity means nothing to them. The horrible city became a nightmare once again.

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Murderfest became terroristfest. They moved Gaza to Manhattan.

Pro-Palestinian protesters harass and attack Jewish people in the Big Apple. A Newsweek reporter took to Twitter to give us a closer look. She overheard the “convo” between a pro-Palestinian protester and a Jewish New Yorker.

“’Any Jews in here, s*** my d***,’ yells a pro Palestinian protestor trolling the Diamond District in New York City for Jews. ‘Get the f**ck out, get the f**ck out,’ a righteous bystander tells an Orthodox Jewish man while running past, fearing for his safety and life.”

It gets much worse than this. They used explosives in the streets of New York.

Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and other members of Congress support these terrorists.

This is not the Middle East.

Guess what… Terrorists got the same treatment as BLM and Antifa warriors. Bad people always get a pass.

Democrats went after MAGA grannies and young mothers but seem to ignore this. They are fine with protesters harassing people in NYC.

We want our country back. It’s time to get involved in politics and remove all the horrible people from institutions.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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