[VIDEO] Terrance Williams Delivers Hilarious Play-By-Play On Hillary’s Weepy “Victory Speech”

Bill and Hillary don’t have money sources anymore. It seems that they can’t make ends meet when they don’t have any political sway left, and they can’t sell the state anymore.

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Hillary has a master class series that teaches us how to be a cooked swamp-like her. She is still talking about the 2016 election and that Trump, back then, stole her elections. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and all Hillary can think about is, of course, herself.

Today reported that Hillary Clinton released the speech that she would have issued only if she had won the 2016 election.

Clintons got emotional while she shared the speech, but, sadly she lost from Trump.

The speech is included in her new talk on the power of resilience for Master Class; the streaming platform consisted of luminaries from life walks sharing what they have learned to inspire others.

Today shared one part of the speech, and Hillary’s masterclass is scheduled to be released on Thursday. She is the guest on Sunday Today with Willie Geist to discuss this innovation and her presidential speech.

“In this lesson, I’m going to face one of my most public defeats head-on by sharing with you the speech I had hoped to deliver if I had won the 2016 election,” Clinton stated.

“I’ve never shared this with anybody. I’ve never read this out loud. But it helps to encapsulate who I am, what I believe in, and what my hopes were for the kind of country that I want for my grandchildren, and that I want for the world, that I believe in that is America at its best.”

Terrance Williams was the person untouched by Clinton’s tears.

Check this out:

One thing is sure, Hillary Clinton will never be the president.

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