[VIDEO] Stress Getting To Joe? His Brain Turns To Mush When Trying To Remember FEMA Director’s Name

Biden wants to quit and let the FEMA guy go nameless.

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At this point, we want Biden to stop acting that everything is okay because something terrible is happening to our country because of him! “Which does he have, Alzheimer’s or dementia?” and “What type of care home should we place him in?”

Ironically, we allow this mentally unstable person to run our country, and the media ignores this! Does everyone notice that the person running our country is a confused man blathering away in a nursing home?

Will we still pretend that the chaos is a childhood stutter?

With the Afghanistan disaster, our situation is getting even worse! Biden had a press today, speaking about the problems people face because of Tropical Storm Henri and that there wasn’t any other person who would handle the situation better.

We are living in hell, and Biden is at the point when Joe would give up and let the Fema guy go nameless.

See below:

I don’t want to live in a buffoon-led country.

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