[VIDEO] Steve Bannon Lays It All Out In Under 2 Minutes…COVID, 2020, January 6th And GOP

Steve Bannon talks about the “insurrection”

Mike Lindell had a symposium to discuss the stolen elections. A lot of people wanted to listen to him. These people showed up to attend the big event.

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Bannon laid it out perfectly. It took 2 minutes for him to explain the situation perfectly.

According to him, we have three main aspects to focus on:

  1. COVID…who, what, where, why, and when
  2. 2020…audit matter and Dems will do whatever they can to distract from them
  3. 1/6…was it an intel attack on the American people?

That’s not all. Bannon is convinced that we can make a change. We have the power to get to the truth. Remember what happened in Wuhan? We worked really hard to get here. Evidence shows that the virus came from the lab. Someone was playing games that day.

Here’s more.

Enter January 6. Donald Trump’s supporters protested against Joe Biden’s stolen elections. Unarmed protesters wanted to be heard. They didn’t arrive at the facility to cause a mess. They came to be heard.

Bannon said it perfectly. Listen to what he has to say.

Watch the video here:

Bannon made a few good points, and he also talked about the GOP idiots who sold their soul to you-know-who.

The first thing we should do is clean up the house in the GOP. We need to get rid of all the rats who destroyed our country. We need to stop them before it’s too late. They voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump. They went against the only true leader this country has ever had.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to our country? These RINOs are worse than we could ever imagine. They join forces with Nancy Pelosi, Mad Max, and their liberal buddies. Let’s take the first step.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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