[VIDEO] Sorry, Dems, But Trump Got “Real Love” In Houston, Texas

Trump and Bill O’Reilly make many shows, and people love that! The proof is that they come to see the event live!

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These two sit on the stage and talk about the Trump Administration’s history.

Last night, Trump and O’Reilly sat on Houston’s grounds!

The leftists and the mainstream media were so upset that a huge crowd visited the event, so the fake news media used their old trick. They pretended that no one attended the event. The reporters from the MSM went to the venue hours before the event started to take pictures of an empty venue, reporting that no one likes Trump.

But, in reality, a vast crowd gathered to see Trump.

Even in their shared photos, we can see a 10x larger crowd than Biden can gather. So, can we compare the real crowd to the tiny one Biden can attract? Of course not!

Trump is a person that everyone loves! Even the leftists love him, but they are afraid to confess that!

On Sunday, Trump went to the First Baptist Church of Dallas, and he had a great welcome!

Even a blind person can see that Texas loves Trump!

Remember that this isn’t a ‘’rally’’ or something like that; it is a dry sit-down chat type of event!

Can you imagine Biden doing something like this with Rachel Maddow?

I bet that there won’t be more than ten people around them, and nine would come to see Maddow.

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