[VIDEO] Something Very Concerning Identified In Crowd Of Angry New Yorkers Who “Greeted” Kamala Harris

What is this lady up to?

So-called Vice President Kamala Harris won’t even try to address the crisis at the border, but she doesn’t mind flying around the globe. This woman would rather handle irrelevant topics and take part in her “Climate Crisis” play. She is crazy! And irresponsible, of course.

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Yes, we all care about this planet and the future of our kids. We don’t throw our trash around. But, we would definitely love to see Harris handle the crisis and hopefully, find a solution to the situation.

One thing stands for sure. We would never be part of Harris’ cult. We would never turn into cavemen and cavewomen to save the planet from getting 0.000001 degrees of heat in the next 150 years.

This is the theory Harris presented in the city of Manhattan.

Harris arrived in the city to push her narrative. Well, she didn’t even think that furious New Yorkers will turn her stay into hell.

These people were angry because of the terrible vaxx mandates designed by De Blasio, Joe Biden, and the so-called Vice President.

Guess what… People in this crowd didn’t even look like “MAGA” supporters.

There was one US flag and a bunch of young and “urban-hip” looking, African-American people.

These were probably college-educated young people who talk about social issues and civil liberties at Starbucks. Oat milk latte, anyone?

Many would agree that this crowd had a “BLM” vibe and we aren’t even surprised. BLM goes against vaxx mandates, saying they are “racists.”

We could hear the “F Joe Biden” chant and people in the crowd called Harris a “wh*re”.

The mainstream media didn’t say a word about these chants and the way Harris was greeted. These guys weren’t MAGA people. That’s why the mainstream media stayed quiet.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were asking for it.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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