[VIDEO] Someone Call A Funeral Director, Because Tucker Just Cremated Don Lemon

He is so FINISHED!

Tucker Carlson is the king of sarcasm and Don Lemon knows it best. Carlson knows how to deliver the perfect dose of sarcasm.

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This time Carlson went after CNN’s Don Lemon and destroyed him.

Lemon packed his show with tons of cr*p, and Americans know it. He crosses the red line every time he makes an appearance. Lemon and his CNN colleagues are so ruined now and they keep losing viewers. Yes, they try to sell fake stories to boost their ratings, but things won’t got hat easily. In an effort to get more attention, Lemon attacked the country, saying we are “racists.” He even claims that all black people are treated inhumanly.

Here’s a fun fact. Lemon lives in a multimillion home. He paid $ 4.5 million to get the luxury mansion. So, this guy is trying to tell us that he struggles. Being a millionaire is hard, huh?

We can’t stand these elitists.

Carlson took notice of this, and he decided to have some fun.

Watch this video and tells us what you think.

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Here’s what people said:

“Don and his white husband could not care less about anyone who is black.” 

“Don Lemon is caught with his hand in a racist cookie jar.”

“He cares only about himself and not about black or white Americans.”

“I can only hope that Mr Lemon can someday escape his oppressive 1% existence.”

“Only in America can you call America racist, especially when you’re married to a white guy!”

“I think Don Lemon should identify as a white guy. Because he’s whiter than me.”

Lemon is nothing but an elitist liberal who thrives inside a bubble. He doesn’t know a thing about all the things that happen in this country. He is super busy spending his money. Americans would say that he is a fool who tries to play tough. We didn’t bite into that one. Lemon is not a tough guy.

Lemon is a synonym for failure.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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