[VIDEO] Some People Think Pelosi Was More “Lit” Than The Capitol Christmas Tree During Lighting Ceremony

Nancy Pelosi is changing. I don’t know why this is happening, is it because of the ages and senility, or the martinis, but she is under some ‘’influence.’’

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We have to confess that Pelosi is worse, just like Joe Biden. These two aren’t getting old like fine wine but like a dusty bottle of Mad Dog.

The woman slurs her words, and the hands’ gestures are somehow weird and wild. If you didn’t know, she is 81. I don’t understand why this is happening, but our government seems like a nursing home.

This is Pelosi during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Capitol. Many people think that she is hitting the sauce.

Take a look at the video below:

These are the online comments.

“Wow, looks like Nancy was pretty LIT UP herself” 

“All she has to do was touch it because she’s so lit herself”

“She sounds like she’s slurring. How much spiked eggnog did she guzzle before she got on stage?”

“Pelosi is lit up more than any Christmas tree in DC” 

Is that drunken slurring or sickly slurring, it’s hard to tell?” 

“The ol’ booze hound would prolly light up just about anything she gets close enough to breathe on”

“Oh I’m betting she is lit too!!!”

“She is also lit…🍸🍸🍸”

“You can’t drink your cocktails when you have a mask on” 

“Bet she lit up that martini bar too.”


“I Wonder how they convinced her to get off the barstool and put the bottle down…”

“she looks and sounds drunk again” 

We can’t blame the people because of these comments.

The top three people in the Biden administration are:

Joe Biden, a wannabe Alzheimer’s patient.

Nancy Pelosi, a rumored drunk.

Kamala Harris, the most unlikeable phony on the planet.

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