[VIDEO] SNL Dumps Baldwin And Finally Gets Someone Who Does A Hilarious Impersonation Of Trump

Liberals are not into joking

These people are nothing but an angry mob that goes around demolishing people’s lives. You will never see them crack a joke or something. They also hate people who joke. Take a look at Joe Biden. He is a gold person who doesn’t even laugh. People really miss Donald Trump’s humor. The man sure knows how to make other people laugh. Liberals will never do the same. They are vicious and horrible. Disrespectful people who hate others around them.

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Alec Baldwin appeared on Saturday Night Live and did a horrible impersonation of President Trump. Oh, this wasn’t funny at all. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel take things seriously. We won’t even get into that one.

What happened next? Baldwin killed a woman on set. SNL had to get another person to impersonate Trump. This one is definitely funny! SNL fixed the damage.

In the opening skit, Judge Jeanine interviews Glenn Youngkin and President Trump. This one gave us a really good laugh.

Someone was poking fun at “our guy,” but it was definitely funny. It was a joke. We know when people laugh at politicians or roast celebrities. That’s what politics is all about, huh?

We are not offended by this.

SNL did it after a few years. This skit is different than anything they have ever done.

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Source: Wayne Dupree


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