[VIDEO] Sky News Footage Of What’s Happening At Kabul Airport Doesn’t “Jive” With Biden’s Version

Sky News shared a video to blow holes in Biden’s story about the airport in Kabul.
The Biden administration wants to make the situation in their use like it’s nothing more than a long line at Laguardia. Sky News again shared the real picture and reported on what is really happening outside of that black place.

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You have to believe me, not the Biden administration. They won’t tell you the real image.

It’s a great point, and they are getting the Americans out, and a couple of days before this, they told them not to go near the airport.

I guess the people who are evacuating are Americans at all!

The entire situation is even worse. Below you can see the fire raging at the airport.

The Taliban didn’t allow an extension on the 8/31 withdrawal date. And, as you can assume, it wasn’t a soft no, but a rude NO that would have severe consequences if someone ignores that.

Biden and his handlers will attempt to modify the narration and take advantage of it! The quiet democrats will start poking their hands and push the messaging.

The US media will still help Biden! But that won’t work for him because the Americans already know the truth!

Again, no one trusts this regime anymore, nor the Democrat Party! They have shown their natural face!

No one would trust after the Sky News report.

Watch the video below!

How will the Biden administration evacuate more than 10K Americans when they already told them not to approach the airport?

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