Video Shows Crowd Chanting USA While Trump Makes Entrance Into UFC 264

People really like Donald Trump

Liberals are trying to paint a different story. But we all know that Donald Trump is the best President in US history.

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This brilliant man made his way to the ringside seat at UFC 264. People took notice of him and they went crazy!

The President walked to the ringside seat. He was in the company of the President of UFC Dana White. Oh, yes, he is a Trump supporter!

UFC 264 main event wasn’t as awesome as Trump’s attendance. American Dustin Poirier defeated Irishman Conor McGregor. The latter broke his ankle in the very first round of the fight.

Here are a few videos:

President Dana White is one of the many supporters of Trump.

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal are pretty vocal when it comes to supporting the best President ever. They had the honor to meet him, too.

These videos made us feel really great. They are the perfect reminder of Trump’s greatness. Millions of people support him and Joe Biden knows it.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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