[VIDEO] Secret Service Appears Puzzled As Biden Wanders In Wrong Direction At White House

What’s wrong with this man?

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This is definitely the craziest video of our “President.” You will ever see. We have seen this man trip over, stutter, lie, get confused… But we didn’t know it was this bad. Biden’s health is worse than expected.

This man doesn’t deserve to be the President of the United States. He stole the elections just because he wanted to be the Commander-in-Chief. Well, we’d all agree that Biden doesn’t deserve to sit in that chair. He needs to be taken care of. Now is the perfect time for Jill to take him to a nursing home. That makes more sense, right?

This particular video is the best evidence of Biden’s mental decline. He can’t understand what others say. A simple sentence can confuse him a lot.

The so-called President was making his way to the White House entrance. He looked really unsteady and unhealthy. Oh, wait, we got used to the “old man shuffle.” We have seen him do this on so many occasions. Biden can’t maintain balance and he can easily trip over. So, Biden is going home and carries some kind of sachel in his hands. The old man looks really confused. Well, he looks more like an old lady who won’t let go of her old purse.

We have seen grannies act this way.

The Secret Service follows Biden everywhere he goes. One of the agents gave him a hand signal to show him where he’s supposed to go. Why was he guided to the entrance of the house he lives in?

That’s not all. At one point, Biden ignored the instructions of the Secret Service agent. He couldn’t “read” the hand signal. An old man, right?

Biden kept following another agent and this person disappeared behind the bushes. The other one was left behind. He was pretty confused. Biden didn’t follow the instructions. He took the wrong direction.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

Here’s what people said online:

“He’s just taking the long way to demonstrate his peak physical prowess. C’mon man.”

“And that’s Uncle Joe he’s a movin mighty slow at the junction…”

“81 million votes.”

“Weekend at Bernie’s White House edition”

“The look on the trailing agent’s face is priceless.”

“Good Lord, please help us”

“SS agents more like babysitters. They’ve gotta hate this gig” 

“Shock collar with an invisible fence? Keep him where he needs to go”

“He literally needs a leash” 

“Maybe we can fence him in, fences kinda work after all’

“Someone gave him WAY too much slack on his leash.”

“this is so epic, totally clueless”

“He is practically stumbling and seems not sure where to go..”

“He is so out of it”

“Oh c’mon! He’s just taking a stroll around… know….the thing!”

People made fun of Biden. They had a really good reason to do that.

We deserve better than this, right?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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