[VIDEO] Sean Hannity is Skating On Very Thin Ice With His Supporters…Did He Finally Cross The Line?

He has to be more careful

Sean Hannity can lose his supporters in the near future and we don’t really know if he is aware of this.

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The host states on thin ice at the moment. He can easily fall through and sink to the bottom of the dirt.

People don’t really like the fact that he supports vaccines. He is pretty convinced that vaccines work.

Donald Trump’s supporters said a big “no” to these vaccines. However, they don’t go after those who want to take the jab. It’s a personal decision after all. Everyone has the right to do their own research and make the right decision.

We don’t like when liberals force us to get the unapproved jab. So why is Hannity doing the same thing? He is supposed to be one of the good guys. Millions of people don’t want to be “protected” by experimental jabs. Simple as that.

Hannity is really passionate about Americans taking the jab. He uses his show to lecture people.

The Murdoch family wants their hosts to push the vaccine. Liberals try to scare us with new lockdowns.

We are not biting into this one.

Hannity is the last person who’d side with liberals. Well, it’s not like he is siding. He just does the same thing as they do.

Here’s what people said online:

“Is this guy getting a cut for every person he gets vaccinated?” 

“I don’t watch him religiously like I used to but I will make it a point NOT to watch him after this. It isn’t his job to get involved in anyone’s health. Plus sick of him saying he’s getting the hell out of NY for ten yrs .”

“I get it, Sean loves the vaccine, but give it a rest.” 

“This feels like virtue signaling to the left, if you ask me” 

I stopped watching him because of this shit right here.” 

“Ah jeez, say it ain’t so. Damn another one bites the dust in Vax pushing.”

“Only way I’m getting vaccinated is if God himself tells me to. No politician or media person will ever convince me to get it”

“He has said this multiple times almost every night”

“He is now officially part of the problem with our political elites.”

Hannity should prepare a better program for his supporters instead of just pushing the jabs. We don’t need him to educate us on vaccines. It’s a matter of personal choice and Americans are well informed. It’s up to us to make the final decision.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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