[VIDEO] Schumer Goes Crazy After Ted Showed Up At 3:30 AM To Block Dems New Attempt To Federalize Elections

Chuck vs. Ted!

Ted won, and Chuck is furious.

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This time the Dems attempted to federalize our elections in the mid of the night, but Ted Cruz blocked it!
Ted was awake when we were sleeping and stopped the Dems to take over the elections.

Daily Wire reported that Cruz stopped Senate Democrats ’ attempt to push through a federal election overhaul bill on Wednesday morning. Chuck Schumer brought the For The People Act. Schumer wanted to pass the federal overhaul of elections by unanimous consent during the night, shared the Houston Chronicle.

The Senator’s objection was the only thing needed to stop the process. In a 15-minute back-and-forth, Cruz stopped Schumer’s try to force the election bull through the Senate.

Below you can hear what Ted said:

And now watch the following video:

Luckily Ted was there to block the unholy disaster! America deserves to have transparent elections, not like those in 2020!

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