[VIDEO] Rep. Donalds’ Reason For Not Getting Vaccine Stumps Unhinged Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is among the most emotionally reckless hosts on CNN. They can discuss a poodle, but this one brings it to an irrational place, being so upset that he’s foaming at the mouth.

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So we can predict his reactions, and this time wasn’t any different.

Cuomo shouted at Rep. Byron Donalds because he refused to get the vaccine for personal reasons.

Cuomo brought it to a new level and tried to use his statement to blame Donalds for COVID-19 linked deaths under his jurisdiction.

However, Donalds hit back very hard, making Cuomo completely without weapons after the response.

Take a look at the video:

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Cuomo and the rest of the CNN members are a piece of work that brings the scum to an entirely new level!

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