[VIDEO] Rep Cawthorn Wants Jill Biden Called Out For “Elder Abuse”

Jill Biden and the rest of the crew in this action have to be charged with elder abuse.

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Have you watched the CNN Town Hall from the previous week? Terrible!

Biden’s mental state is evident and uncontrolled. So, if you thought that the G7 summit was terrible, well, this was twelve on a scale from one to ten.

In the row of 25 seconds, Biden didn’t say either one coherent sentence. And bear in mind that it wasn’t a childhood stutter. Many people say that it’s a consequence of Alzheimer’s.

However, it was very bad to watch, no matter that we don’t support Biden or the Dems. But, it is bizarre that the mainstream media ignores this.

Fake news isn’t only about the fake things that they are reporting but also about the things they aren’t reporting.
People can see what’s going on.

Biden’s mental health is a national security problem, and Rep Cawthorn said it was an elder abuse issue.

He pointed towards Jill Biden, as an evil person, power-crazed watch, because she allowed her husband to humiliate himself in front of the Americans.

Take a look at the video below:

He is too gentle. Jill Biden has to be charged with elder abuse.

Joe is an incapable old president, and he cannot run an empire like America.

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