[VIDEO] Rand Paul Just Publicly Humiliated Biden’s HHS Secretary Over COVID Misinformation

Rand Paul is the true warrior for the C-19 truth! He is a doctor, so he can comment on this issue and fights to share the truth about it. Paul won’t hold back, and he can be credited for eliminating Fauci and his target: Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra.

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Real Clear Politics shared that Rand Paul challenged Xavier Becerra on the Biden admin’s vaccine mandates and shared that the science is against them regarding natural immunity.

“The science is against you on this. The science is clear. Naturally-acquired immunity is as good as a vaccine,” Paul said. “This isn’t an argument against the vaccine, but it’s an argument for letting people make a decision who already have immunity.”

“Mr. Becerra, are you familiar with an Israeli study that had 2.5 million patients and found that the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with Covid than the people who had gotten Covid naturally?”

“I’m not familiar with that,” Becerra replied.

“I think you might want to be if you’re going to travel the country insulting the millions of Americans, including NBA star Jonathan Isaac, who had Covid, recovered, look at a study with 2.5 million people, and say, well, you know what, I should make the decision. Instead, you’ve called Jonathan Isaac and others, myself included, flat earthers. We find that very insulting… Are you a doctor or a medical doctor?”

“I have worked for over 30 years on health policy,” Becerra said.

“You’re not a medical doctor. Do you have a science degree? And yet you travel the country, calling people flat earthers, who have had Covid, looked at studies of millions of people, and made their own personal decision that the immunity they naturally acquired is sufficient, but you presume somehow to tell over 100 million Americans who survived Covid that we have no right to determine our own medical care. You alone are on high and you’ve made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree. This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American.” Paul stated.

“You, sir, are the one ignoring the science.”

Watch the video below, and hear everything on your own.

If Paul wasn’t fighting for us, we don’t know what a desperate position we would have been in. He is our guardian angel, keeping us safe from the massive political propaganda scheme so big and powerful.

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