[VIDEO] Psaki Claims Joe Is SO BUSY He Has “No Time To Think”… But His Schedule Says Opposite

Of course, there is a reason why Biden’s Presidency is compared to the Truman Show!

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Joe’s Presidency represents smoke and mirrors, a disaster, painted scenery, and a gag reel that plays on loop.

The debacle we see every day is ignored by the media and politicians, and re-written by a staff of political fiction writers transform it into much better.

If we see the mainstream media, then we watch a strong, capable Joe succumb to climate change and get briefly thrown off his game by a nasty wind. Also, we don’t see confused Biden who loses his train of thought, but we watch a victorious hero.

Everything sounds laughable, and I guess you think I made this up. But it isn’t like that!

That’s precisely what Psaki said about Joe.


Jen doesn’t know how many lids Joe calls or the over 30 trips to Delaware.

Biden sounds very busy!

“Jen Psaki just now: “We never give Biden any free time or any time to think” Biden literally has no public events today….”

This is Joe’s schedule!

I don’t think that Biden can think!

After all the things we saw from Biden, we know that he can’t think properly, but his Handlers want the people to think that Joe is the show’s leader.

The truth is that the Americans know what Joe does in one day, and the real answer is – Napping!

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