[VIDEO] Probably One Of Trump’s Funniest Clips, This Will Make You Miss Him More…

We really miss our President

This has nothing to do with politics. We all know his policies were the best thing that has ever happened to this country. It’s more about his personality. This country became a mess and we could really use Trump’s help at the moment. We don’t need a dementia guy ruining our tradition.

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You could use a fresh batch of Trump’s humor, right? The man has the best sense of humor. He made everyone in the White House laugh. Just take a look at all the photos of him and his staff. They all laugh!

Trump’s humor is self-deprecating. The man doesn’t take himself seriously. He likes to make fun of himself just to make everyone laugh. Remember all the jokes about his hair?

In this video, Trump describes his hair, saying it looks like a “wet raccoon.” That’s hilarious!

This is the perfect “roast.”

Be careful, our President drops an F-bomb. But we really love him. This is 100% Trump!

Trump will reach out to you through his new platform. He doesn’t need Twitter and Facebook to talk to his people.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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