[VIDEO] President Trump Just Came Up With A New Phrase For “Being Woke” And It’s Better Than His Last One

They won’t stop him now

President Donald Trump will no longer put up with their ignorant nonsense. The man had everything in control in the last four years. Joe Biden’s win in November destroyed everything. The old creep turned the US into a mess. Well, Trump won’t allow this.

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We could all agree that Biden is the most hated man in the US. Trump enjoys all the love these days and people can’t wait for him to come back. We can’t wait for this to happen!

Trump uses every chance to show us that he will return sooner than expected. In his interview with Gregg Gutfeld Trump taught liberals a lesson. It was the best lesson they can get. A pay attention to what Gutfeld has to say. Talking to Trump was a good idea.

In one of his recent rallies, Trump talked about those who are “woke.” He said that “everything woke turns to sh*t.”

There’s more. Watch this video. It’s the best thing you will see on the internet these days.

Trump is fed up with this and so are we. He knows what he is talking about. The woke culture won’t take us anywhere.

Now is the perfect time to make the right move. Who will be the first to leave the country.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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