[VIDEO] President Trump Goes Shopping And Look What Happens When He Leaves The Store…

The most popular and beloved president in U.S. history is Trump, not Biden! You can just take a look at what’s happening when he appears in front of his supporters.

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It’s funny when the most beloved politician ever goes into another ice cream parlor, and he’s only a blip on the screen. It can’t be possible.

If you got the most votes in history and are so popular, how are you invisible in front of your ‘’supporters’’?

We have numerous questions because we can feel and see real movements!

When Trump went shopping in his store, a crowd of starry-eyed fans gathered in front of the store, and they were constantly filming!

However, the most exciting thing was when he left the store. The crows started yelling and cheering ‘’WE LOVE YOU.’’

Trump is a legend, and in my opinion, he’s the most beloved president ever!

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