[VIDEO] Police Get Sneaky And “High Tech” With Bold New Plan To Battle Porch Pirates

Porch pirating is a tremendous problem!

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The police have to find a smart way to solve this growing problem of starting packages off porches, especially now when people are ordering online.

It seems that they’ve done that; the police have found a way to catch the robbers off the streets and deter others from ripping off people’s packages.

The Western Journal reported that the police in Anaheim, California, use GPS packages to trap porch pirates.

Christmas has passed, and the delivery packages appear in front of many homes. These packages are the perfect prey for thieves. So the police place fake delivery packages in front of the doors to lure porch pirates.
The boxes contain iPhones and general gifts with GPS trackers to find the locations of the robbers.

“We’re going to a prearranged residence with the homeowner’s consent. They are a prior victim of either mail theft or package theft. We place the package at the front door, and we wait for the signal to go off,” Anaheim Police Officer Andrei Bratiloveanu told WTKR-TV.

When the packet is moved from the original position, the dispatch gets a signal, “they’re able to relay to officers at what speed and which direction the package is going in,” Bratiloveanu explained.

They have tracking devices in the packages and can see where the package is!

Take a look at the video below.

Maybe this would be the standard practice for the packages. Maybe it would be more expensive, but it will help to find people’s stolen goods.

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