[VIDEO] Podcaster Asks NYC Vaccinated Liberals Why They’re Wearing Masks Outside…They All Sound Like Zombies

100% USDA liberals are Zombie Meat

Why are the vaccinated liberals on the streets wearing masks during the hot weather? Everyone is asking the same question, and even one conservative podcaster searched for the answer. So, it turned out to be: “because we’re brain-dead idiots.”

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I saw the video, and it is stunning. Every one of them thinks the same, and they have opinions that aren’t based on anything and don’t have a single relation to science and fact.

So, the main reason is fear.

It is so because they are absorbing the information from the left-wing media who emphasize the situation, and they are pumping the COVID fear. They are zombies who obey everything that people say to them.
COVID is real, but it is used as a weapon, but I won’t comment on it. I believe in the virus and that some people are at a higher risk, but the liberals are zombies who are more alarming than the pandemic.

Watch the video below.

The virus has a 99.8% survival rate for the older population and even higher for younger people.

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